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lisa lampton allen


My Name is Lisa Lampton Allen

I have learned wonderful techniques from many wonderful art teachers, but mostly I was inspired at very young age by the late Linda Porch. Linda was my childhood art teacher, and she believed that I was special in my passion and love for art. Because of her encouragement, I painted and painted and painted. Then, my friends talked me into this dream art studio.


Before Hideout Art

I have traveled the country working for Companies such as Revlon Inc. NYC. as Sales Rep, Senior National Training Supervisor, American Management as a Corporate Trainer, Boehringer Ingelheim as a Pharmaceutical Rep. Now, as I watch my beautiful kids grow, I’m done with corporate America.

hideout art
hideout art

My Happy Place

Hideout Art Studio

Hideoutart is my happy place where I love to hang, paint, teach and interact and help others find their inner creativity. I am proud of my artwork, and anyone can do this painting style with trowels. It is modern, cool, easy, and fun! You’ll fall in love with colors and blending and the therapy you receive from being free and creative. I love inspiring others to try painting for that very reason. Let me now inspire you to be creative and experience the joy of moving colors around!

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